We do things from the other world

We are the Metaverse Agency specialising in the creation of immersive experiences, services and content in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality in the Metaverse.

Meta Quest Partner

Official Meta reseller for the supply of headsets and devices


Sony partners for PlayStation VR game development

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Our Services

We create virtual projects, immersive worlds and strategies for brand positioning, for offering services and products, for entertainment and interaction with the public through first-person experiences overcoming physical distances. Whether Meta, Roblox, Spatial, The Sandbox, Apple or Decentraland, we are the gateway to the metaverse.

Virtual environments
and Immersive Tours

We build immersive locations and virtual environments, which are accessible and can be visited from any place and at any time, where to host customers or allow visitors to explore independently.

Digital twins
and NFT projects

We faithfully recreate products, machines, artworks and digital objects to use, wear and test in virtual, mixed or augmented reality, with the possibility of interacting or offering them for sale in physical or digital versions.

Events and

We turn all kinds of events into an immersive experience to be experienced and remembered, where artists, spectators and guests interact in a social and collective context, with broadcasting and streaming on other platforms.

and Virtual stores

We launch marketplaces, e-commerce and virtual branches by designing branded stores where customers can get information, see or try out products and make both real and NFT purchases.

Meeting rooms
and Workspaces

We provide virtual spaces to allow the most innovative companies to organize meetings with their guests and customers, workshops and work sessions with employees who are located in different places.

and Experiences

We create immersive games, gamification experiences and interaction spaces for branding, entertainment or engagement operations, promoting interaction between people and brands.


Outside the metaverse

In the offline world, we are the official Meta Partner for the distribution of headsets. We provide technology, hardware and devices - for sale or rent - to join the Metaverse and enjoy immersive experiences in Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality at maximum performance.

Meta Quest Logo

Headsets for Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality

ALTERSIDE is Meta's official reseller for headsets, accessories and devices.

Meta Quest 2

The most affordable all-in-one headset that offers companies, employees and customers a simple solution for using VR.
(Virtual Reality)

Meta Quest 3

The most versatile and high-performance headset for creating, collaborating and having fun in VR/AR/MR without limits.
(Virtual and Mixed Reality)

Meta Quest Pro

The most advanced headset, with high-resolution graphics, mixed reality and the highest level of comfort on the market.
(Virtual and Augmented Reality)

Learn the metaverse from the inside of the metaverse with the Alterside Academy.

End-to-end approach

We support brands, institutions and organisations around the world by taking care of every step in the execution of their projects related to the metaverse and immersive technology, from strategy to the provision of VR/AR headsets to the development of technology in virtual, mixed or augmented reality.

Education and Advisory
We tell the metaverse from the inside to show potential and declinations.
Design and Strategy
We create the experiences and apps best fitting the goals of each brand.
Hardware, headsets and device
We are Meta's official reseller for headsets and other devices.
Technology development
We work with Unity, Unreal, AI and blockchain to create immersive experiences.
Promotion and management
We take care of brand launches with marketing and community engagement.
Maintenance and Support
We provide support for app maintenance and evolutionary updates.