The Metaverse Agency

We create experiences, services and contents with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and NFT inside the metaverse.

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Our Services

We realize creative projects, virtual worlds, NFTs and strategies for the positioning of brands, the sale of products and services, the entertainment and interaction with the audience through immersive experiences to live in first person overcoming physical distances. Whether it's Oculus, The Sandbox, Roblox or Decentraland, we're your gateway to the metaverse.

Locations and
Immersive tours

We build immersive locations and virtual environments, accessible and visitable from anywhere and at any time, where to invite and host customers or to allow visitors to explore them independently.

Digital twins
and NFT projects

We create products, artworks and digital goods to be observed, used, worn and tested in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, with the possibility of selling them both in the physical and digital version.

Events and

We turn any kind of event into an immersive experience to live and remember, where artists, spectators and guests can interact with each other in a social and collective context, private or open to the public.

and Virtual stores

We open marketplaces, e-commerce and branches in the metaverse by designing branded virtual stores where customers can enter to receive information, wear products and make purchases both real and NFT.

Meeting rooms
and Workspaces

We provide virtual spaces to allow the most innovative companies to organize meetings with their guests and customers, workshops and work sessions with employees who are located in different places.

and Experiences

We create immersive games, gamification experiences and spaces of interaction for branding campaigns, for entertainment or engagement, encouraging interaction between people and brands.


Outside the metaverse

We are also active in the offline world, where we build stations and kits for virtual reality, providing hardware and devices, technical support for installation and configuration, maintenance and training courses.

Digital Art & Collections

NFT end-to-end

We create end-to-end NFT projects taking care of every aspect of the entire life cycle, from planning and design to the conversion of cryptocurrencies into FIAT. We operate on the main marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible or by developing dedicated and customized white label platforms.

100% Reliability, Compliance and Security
Based on Crypto Custody, AML and the integration of wallets and services via secure API, all of our projects comply with the market standards of international regulators and banking institutions and are developed in partnership with the best blockchain technology providers.

Learn the metaverse from the inside of the metaverse with the Alterside Academy.

All the potential of the metaverse explained in a practical way.

We develop training courses and educational programs for individuals and companies, with lean and intensive paths, to meet every need: from those who simply want to understand more to those who want to build skills and a professional career in the metaverse.

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End-to-end approach

We support brands and organizations from all over the world by taking care of every step of their projects in the metaverse and with NFTs, from the strategy to the development of technology in blockchain, Virtual or Augmented reality.

Education and Advisory
We tell the metaverse from the inside to discover all its potential.
Design and Strategy
We create the most suitable applications based on the goal of each brand.
Fornitura di visori e device
Siamo il distributore ufficiale di Meta per la fornitura di visori e device VR MR AR.
Technology development
We work on projects with blockchain, NFT, virtual and augmented reality.
Launch and Promotion
We manage the market launch and marketing activities to reach users.
Operation management
We talk with users and manage sales, interactions, wallets and transactions.
Maintenance and Support
We take care of software and devices to ensure maximum performance.