Yes, we do things out of this world.

We realize creative projects, virtual worlds, NFTs and strategies for the positioning of brands, the sale of products and services, the entertainment and interaction with the audience through immersive experiences to live in first person overcoming physical distances. Whether it's Oculus, The Sandbox, Decentraland or Roblox, we're your gateway to the metaverse.

Locations and Immersive tours

We build immersive locations and virtual environments, accessible and visitable from anywhere and at any time, where to invite and host customers or to allow visitors to explore them independently.

Digital twins and NFT projects

We create products, artworks and digital goods to be observed, used, worn and tested in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, with the possibility of selling them both in the physical and digital version.

Events and Education

We turn any kind of event into an immersive experience to live and remember, where artists, spectators and guests can interact with each other in a social and collective context, private or open to the public.

E-commerce and Virtual stores

We open marketplaces, e-commerce and branches in the metaverse by designing branded virtual stores where customers can enter to receive information, wear products and make purchases both real and NFT.

Meeting rooms and workspaces

We provide virtual spaces to allow the most innovative companies to organize meetings with their guests and customers, workshops and work sessions with employees who are located in different places.

Videogames and Experiences

We create immersive or augmented reality games, gamification experiences and spaces of interaction for entertainment or engagement operations, encouraging interaction between people and brands.


Outside the metaverse

We are also active in the offline world, where we build stations and kits for virtual reality, providing hardware and devices, technical support for installation and configuration, maintenance and training courses.

Workstations and Devices

We set up workstations and metaverse rooms in the physical places you chose to allocate for the use of virtual experiences, with all the devices and software you need.

Setup and Configuration

We cover up to the last mile, setting every essential aspect to join and live the metaverse: hardware and VR headset, software and streaming, green screen and lighting.

Maintenance and Support

We take care of your virtual space and the devices that you need for the best experience, with technicians at your disposal and ready to reach you for any need.

Expertise and Training

We explain to your guests, employees and visitors how to interface with the metaverse and virtual reality, teaching techniques and tools to live them naturally.

Get in touch

We are here to talk.

Write to us for information, requests and curiosities about our products and services. If you have a virtual reality headset, you can also book a meeting inside our offices in the Oculus metaverse.

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