Discover mixed reality with

Meta Quest 3

The most advanced and versatile headset ever, to revolutionise how companies and people work, learn and meet.

Experience a revolutionary mixed reality with Meta Quest 3. Bring virtual elements into the real world or enter truly immersive content. Create and work collaboratively or spend time with others like you never did before.

Revolutionary mixed reality

Sharp, full-colour pass-through technology helps you never lose touch with the real world while working on a project, thanks to 10 times more pixels than Quest 2.

More working power

With more than double the processing power and 30% higher resolution, you will enjoy faster loading times and sharper details to make virtual work experiences even more immersive.

Maximum comfort and naturalness

The new 40% reduced optical profile allows fully customisable adjustment, while the redesigned Touch Plus controllers give you intuitive control of your virtual workspace.

Ready-to-use working solutions

The huge library of immersive tools for work offers solutions for all needs: design, collaboration, new ways of creating communities and developing work skills.

Ready for work, from any angle

The package includes the Meta Quest 3 headset, two Touch Plus controllers with AA batteries, charging cable and power supply.

It's all about the details

Technical Specifications

Maximum power

Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, the most powerful technology we have ever made for a headset, enables lightning-fast loading times and a smooth experience so you can live in the moment. Whether you want to fully immerse yourself in a virtual training session or add some finishing touches to your design in mixed reality, you can totally immerse yourself in what you do.

Incredible details

With a resolution improved by almost 30% compared to Quest 2, the virtual working world becomes much more real. You can check down to the smallest pixel of your design or read text in the pass-through with ease. You will have a high-quality experience, allowing you to live in the moment and fully immerse yourself in the task at hand.


The soft, adjustable strap fits different hairstyles and head shapes. A hard strap is available and sold separately. Pancake optics allow for a 40% reduction in optical profile to reduce weight and better distribute it, making Quest 3 more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Mixed Reality Technology

The 2 x 18 PPD RGB cameras offer 10 times the resolution of Quest 2 in pass-through mode. See your surroundings in full color and high quality and make virtual objects appear in real space. Accurate depth projection and room mapping allow you to move freely in space and interact with virtual characters or objects in the room.

Privacy guaranteed

Use reliable tools with capillary control options and take advantage of security features that will make your IT department sleep soundly. Use Meta Quest for Business to put privacy and security at the heart of your VR business solutions.

Storage space

128 GB | 512 GB

Headset weight

515 grams.


Lasts up to 2.9 hours of use on average (with multimedia content) and about 2.3 hours for full charge with 18 W adapter.


We have the hardware, software and partnerships to direct you to the right virtual solutions for your business. Today. It's cutting-edge technology with a price designed for teams, and with Meta Quest for Business you can easily control and maintain the number of VR headsets your business needs.

Natural expressions

Get ready to enter the virtual office with avatars of all shapes, strokes and sizes. Choose the style that suits you best, change it to suit your mood and situation, and let your personality shine.

Touch controls and natural input

New improved, ringless Touch Plus controllers offer greater precision and improved touch technology for a more natural feel when working in VR. Enjoy the feeling of actually handling a tool during practice or tweak your 3D designs as if you were creating them by hand.

Enhanced 3D audio

Experience the feeling of being in the middle of the action with superior spatial audio. Enjoy improved sound quality and bass performance, with a 40% higher volume range than Quest 2, for the most immersive experience ever. 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones and audio output to external audio devices.

Compatible with previous versions

If you have already taken your business into VR, you can continue to use your Meta Quest 2 experiences, thanks to backward compatibility. All you need to do is replace the headsets, preparing you to leverage your tools in the best way ever.

Display and optics

At 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye, the resolution is 30% better than Quest 2 for unparalleled clarity and realistic graphics. Infinite Display 4K+ with 25 PPD and 1218 PPI offers the best resolution of any device. Refresh rate of 72 Hz, 80 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz with 110-degree horizontal and 96-degree vertical field of view. 


8 GB. 33% more memory than Meta Quest 2, so you can play your favorite apps while delivering optimal performance.


EAN: 0815820024064 – 0815820024101
For further information, visit the official page of Meta Quest 3.

Even better with accessories

Link Cable for
PC connection

€ 99,99
Harness the potential of your PC with this premium fiber-optic cable that lets you connect your headset and access hundreds of new apps while simultaneously charging your device. (5 meters, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C)

Hard case
for transport

€ 79,99
This case provides effective protection both at home and when travelling. The padded and preformed interior allows storage of the headset with one of the Elite straps, two controllers, charging cable and power supply.

Elite strap for
greater comfort

€ 79,99
Reach a new level of comfort with this ergonomic strap, which offers more balance and support with a simple turn of the adjustable thumbwheel, allowing you to focus and work in VR/AR without distraction.

Elite strap with
additional battery

€ 149,99
Greater comfort combined with longer battery life. This strap offers more balance and support with a simple turn of the wheel while the integrated battery doubles the usage time.

Charging station
for Meta Quest 3

€ 149,99
An All-in-One wireless charging base for organizing your space and charging the headset and controllers, with protection against overheating. Includes rechargeable batteries for controllers.

Activity straps for
Touch Plus controller

€ 49,99
Move more confidently with breathable adjustable knuckle straps that attach to your Touch Plus controllers to keep you from losing your grip and ensure the best tracking experience.

Removable mask in
silicone for Meta Quest 3

€ 49,99

Keep your Meta Quest 3 headset clean and comfortable with this soft silicone mask, which increases comfort and can be washed and sanitized to remove sweat and dirt.

Mask and strap for
the head (Blue / Orange)

€ 59,99
Choose your favorite shade, getting inspired by trends in fashion, gaming and fitness, to customize the headset. Available in Elemental Blue and Blood Orange shades.

Our experts at your service

Setup and configuration

We take care of setting up your headsets before delivery, creating Meta accounts, optimising all settings and installing what you need for ready-to-use headsets.

From € 99.99

Buy or rent Meta Quest Pro, the most advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) headset for businesses and events.
Supply or development of applications

We select experiences, apps and games already on the market, purchasing licences and preconfiguring them on the headsets, or we develop customised apps for our customers' activities.

From € 149.99

Training and webinars for use

We support customers in training their team and sales force to guide them in the use of devices and applications for a limitless immersive experience at maximum performance.

From € 349.99

Ongoing technical assistance

We provide ongoing technical support to customers who purchase or rent our headsets for any information, requests or issues related to devices and applications over time.

From € 9.99 per month

All costs are exclusive of VAT.
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