Meta Quest Pro
VR/AR Headset

The most innovative and versatile headset ever to experience a entirely new way of working, creating and collaborating.

Designed to work amazingly well, offering incredible graphics, mixed and augmented reality, top-notch comfort, and expressive avatars. All wireless.

Ultra-fast performance

A Snapdragon XR2+ Qualcomm processor and 12 GB of RAM ensure that all applications in VR load quickly and run without interruption.

Sharpest pixels

Meta Quest Pro's advanced LCD display technology makes colors more vivid and makes it easier to read work documents and text in VR.

All-day comfort

Reducing the optical stack by 40% and a balanced design make it easier to work for a long time in virtual reality without straining or tiring the eyes.

Mixed reality

Advanced high-resolution mixed reality allows you to easily interact with VR with the same high-definition colors as the physical space you are in.

Improved 3D avatars

With advanced eye tracking and accurate facial expressions, avatars are even more realistic and conversations more natural and immersive.

Precision control

Auto-tracking controllers accurately pinpoint the position of your hands, while the stylus tip makes it super easy to take notes.

Even if you are on the other side of the world, you will feel like you are sitting at the same table.

It's all about the details

Technical Specifications

High-level comfort

Top-notch counterbalanced ergonomics meets sleek design for a more comfortable headset that you can wear longer.

Mixed reality with vivid colors

Mixed reality allows you to work, create and collaborate in the virtual world without losing touch with the real world. Meta Quest Pro features stereoscopic pass-through for mixed reality, which combines multiple sensors to create a natural 3D view of the world. This results in superior quality and a more comfortable experience, with better depth perception and less visual distortion in both close-ups and room scales in mixed reality.

Premium optics

With thin pancake lenses, increased pixel density, local dimming and quantum dot technology, you'll see the world in a whole new way. It doesn't matter if you're connecting with friends, reading, playing games or struggling with multitasking-you'll notice improved sharpness right away. Pancake optics also allow us to significantly reduce the depth of the optical stack. Special local dimming technology can control over 500 individual LED blocks, providing more contrast and more vivid, brighter colors. This is made possible by improved full field of view acuity and peripheral vision, along with a wider color scale than any other Meta headset.

High-performance hardware

256 GB of storage space
10 advanced VR/MR sensors enabling 6 degrees of freedom, inside-out SLAM tracking, mixed reality with vivid colors, and eye and face tracking.
New Snapdragon XR2+ platform optimized for MR and VR to provide a meaningful experience while balancing performance with heat dissipation.

Enhanced audio experience

We have further increased the fidelity of our built-in audio system, with dynamic bass extension that can deliver half-octave lower tones and crisp mid-tones for more natural sounding conversations-music sounds better and interacting becomes even more exciting. Thanks to our spatial audio processing technology, your ears will take you right into the VR experience. We've also thought about the times when you want more privacy for calls and meetings, reducing sound leakage and adding compatibility with earbuds equipped with dual 3.5 mm left/dx jacks.

Product dimensions

265 mm long (measured with the strap tightened to the maximum) x 127 mm high x 196 mm wide. Product weight: 722 g

More natural avatar expressions

Bring your full personality into virtual experiences with real-time expression tracking. With 5 infrared eye and face tracking sensors with a 120° field of view each and an optimal arrangement to capture upper and lower facial movements, Meta Quest Pro offers even more expressiveness and greater accuracy than solutions with fewer sensors.

Touch Pro Premium Controller

Each controller is equipped with 3 cameras and a Snapdragon mobile processor for 360-degree movement capability in virtual space. The haptic feedback and precision finger-close motion restore the feeling of a more intuitive VR: the controllers will feel like a natural extension of your hands.

Simplified multitasking

Open multiple resizable screens to organize tasks, work on new ideas, stream podcasts, or exchange messages with friends. All this without losing touch with the real world (like your office or desk), thanks to mixed reality. With your new superpowers, you'll find that multitasking has never been easier.

Charging base included

The included charging base is designed to easily charge the system with a 45 W quick adapter, so you'll always have Meta Quest Pro and controllers ready when creativity calls. The base is included with the purchase of the headset.

Flexible levels of immersiveness

Meta Quest Pro offers adjustable levels of VR immersion: fully unobstructed, partially obstructed peripheral vision (included) or full immersion (requires an accessory sold separately), to change the level of VR immersion to suit your needs.
The interpupillary distance range is 55 to 75 mm, with continuous mechanical correction of lens spacing for better sharpness and less eye fatigue.

Fast Wi-fi 6E

With a Full Wi-Fi 6E experience in the 6 GHz broadband spectrum, Meta Quest Pro can offer snappy throughput of up to 1.6 Gbps. Meta Quest Pro is ready for a better future for remote computer streaming and a true cable-free PC-VR connection experience. Plus, Bluetooth 5.2 to connect keyboard, mouse or gamepad and PC-based VR supported with Link and Air Link.


EAN: 0815820023197
For further information, visit the official page of Meta Quest Pro.

Even better with accessories

Link Cable for PC connection

€ 99,99
Unlock the potential of your PC with this premium fibre-optic cable that allows you to access hundreds of new games and applications while simultaneously charging your device. (5 metres, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C)

Incase Case
for transport

€ 119,99
Tailored case provides effective protection both at home and on the go. Tailored inner shell with pockets protects the headset and accessories, lightweight outer shell provides protection on the go.

Full Light Blocker to block out light

€ 49,99
A mask that completely blocks light by easily attaching to the Meta This Pro headset to provide more vivid graphics and an unobstructed field of view, avoiding reflections from the outside world.

VR Headset for Meta Quest Pro

€ 49,99
Eliminate background noise with official Meta headphones and experience hi-fi audio by finding the most comfortable configuration for you. Compatible with light blocking accessories for Meta Quest Pro.

Compact charging base

€ 99,99
Fully charged. Use this 2-in-1 base to charge Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers and any Meta Quest headset when you're at home or on the go, via a USB-C connection with 45 W power supply included.

Our experts at your service

Setup and configuration

We take care of setting up your headsets before delivery, creating Meta accounts, optimising all settings and installing what you need for ready-to-use headsets.

From € 99.99

Supply or development of applications

We select experiences, apps and games already on the market, purchasing licences and preconfiguring them on the headsets, or we develop customised apps for our customers' activities.

From € 149.99

Training and webinars for use

We support customers in training their team and sales force to guide them in the use of devices and applications for a limitless immersive experience at maximum performance.

Starting from € 499.99

Ongoing technical assistance

We provide ongoing technical support to customers who purchase or rent our headsets for any information, requests or issues related to devices and applications over time.

From € 9.99 per month

All costs are exclusive of VAT.
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